Hobby Talk: Ultramarines Part 2

Back with some reinforcements for the boys in blue!

I’ve been steadily working on this project in my spare time and have amassed a very sizeable force over the last year, maybe one day it’ll see the tabletop eh?

This update includes Roboute Guilliman the Primarch (big boss man) of the Ultramarines a squad of fearsome close-combat specialist Reivers and our first vehicle in the form of a mighty Redemptor Dreadnought!

You can click on all the images below for close-ups.


First up Roboute and easily the most intricate model I’ve ever had experience painting. You’d think the increased size (being a quite a lot taller than the average marine) would make things easier but sadly that wasn’t the case. I started out laying down the base colours and lining in all the black but once I got to the gold stage I thought a wash of Nuln Oil would bring everything together.

Unfortunately I ended up with a bad batch of the wash and once dry it left white tide marks all over the model, which I had to use my knife to scrape off this residue damaging the paintwork underneath so the majority of this experience was about saving a rather expensive miniature from going in the bin!

I’d have to say my favourite parts are the helmet and sword as I spent extra time on those, I tried to recreate glowing magma via a stippling effect on the blade which hasn’t 100% worked but you can see where I was going with it.

Gameplay wise this dude is one of the best units on the board with a whole host of wounds, attacked and special rules.


Next up is a squad of 5 Reivers who are the somewhat lacklustre (in the rules, they really need some love) close-combat specialists of the new Primaris Marines - This is an example of spending a good amount of time on a small squad, these guys got everything from custom freehand detailing to extra transfers (like those stick on tattoos you had as a child) and weathering.

While Yellow is exactly an Ultramarine colour (unless you’re talking OG) but I like the way it breaks up the model and really sets these dudes apart from the other marines.


I’ve always loved a Dreadnought, there’s just something about the way they continue to fight on through the worst situations that appeals to me. Simply put these guys are marines who have suffered fatal injuries but still have the willpower to serve the chapter and so are incased within the life-supporting body of a dreadnought - it’s all very Robocop!

This was my first vehicle for the Ultramarines and with such a large canvas I really wanted to play around with some weathering effects and as you can see by all the scratches, dirt and oil staines this worked really well! The yellow hazard stripes on his knee was added as I painting him around the same time I was completing the Reavers.

That’s it for now folks, thanks for taking the time to read and any questions on the processes in painting the above just slide me a DM.