Morprime: The Return of the Ting

Greetings weary traveller,

So after a rather long hiatus from blogging I’ve decided to begin again to jot my thoughts down on paper and let the world (or the very small world of footwear obsessives that stumble across my blog) see.

I continue to stand by the fact that I’m not a writer, so a word of warning there will be the odd little mistake that slips through my friends proof reading.

I think why I stopped was due to a combination of problems that meant I really needed to focus my time on making ends meet, keeping both mental and physical health intact and the fact I was being asked to write a few articles here and there and it just all became a little too much like work and not much fun.

With that all out the way I thought I’d post a recent highlight that being Episode: 4 of the Sole Supplier podcast featuring yours truly it’s currently the most viewed podcast on the channel which is a nice confidence boost.

Listening to yourself back on camera is never anything anyone should have to go through but this was rather enjoyable and left me eager to talk more about my experiences within the industry, I do like to vent.

That being said a lot was left untouched and I’m not even sure podcasts are the right format for it but it’s a start, overly the last 5 years I’ve become a rather large advocate for better ethics, inclusivity and representation within footwear and fashion but that’s a larger conversation for another time.

Thanks for taking the time to read and watch the episode below!