Hobby Talk: Ultramarines

I recently got into Warhammer as a way to bond with my younger brother and also to relax and along with the gym I have found this the best way for me to keep stress levels at average.

Warhammer has a long a varied history it’s roots surround my childhood from the art, the books, the miniatures it has shaped me and my interests and has had such a huge effect on popular culture from gaming to films it has influenced most of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre or on the other hand taken from it.

I’ll never play the bad guide, it just doesn’t sit well with my moral compass so I chose to go down the very vanilla (boring) route of the heroic Space Marines.

Even more vanilla I decided on chapter (team/house) of the Ultramarines which are considered the poster boys of the hobby with their bright blue power armour and Mary Sue tendencies of always winning everything, no matter how bad the odds. Lots have changed since my childhood, guides are easily available online along with a much larger range of paints including technical, layer, base and dry which provide a range of effects and finishes to your models.

My marines are a little darker than the standard GW colours and all painted by hand, no airbrush currently.

I contrasted the dark blue with a bright orange Mars themed base and heavy battle damage to look like they’ve been through the wars, I also applied transfers and unit numbers to make them a little more realistic.

I’ll be updating the blog with more imagery and some guides in the far future.