Nike Air Jordan: Nigel Sylvester

First of all, I’m sorry. 

I’m sorry I haven’t written for a month or so, I’m sorry I haven’t kept you all updated with the ups and downs of my existence and I’m sorry recent developments have been kept hush, hush. 

Basically, Basically Basically I’ve written 3 articles on my recent exploits but due to the nature of the topics covered and with most of the shoes talked about being under embargo it has made rewriting them quite a drag, so much so that I’ve decided to postpone Portland & Herzo until all the content is live so I can talk freely about what was experienced at these big HQ’s.

Hopefully I’d like to give some of my more trainer mad readers a decent insight on what it’s like within the motherships and why those aiming to get a position at these hallowed locations should never, ever give-up.

Anyway here’s some cool Jordan’s to bide you over until the time comes to unleash the above, these are a collaboration with BMX star Nigel Sylvester - now I’ve never heard of Nigel before these shoes, I asked around and supposedly he’s a big YouTuber who does travel videos on his BMX none of which interest me, but aside from that the shoes are really good, super good!

So while I don’t care about his biking background he’s getting solid points from me on the shoe design.

The closest to unboxing these, would be Indiana Jones unearthing buried treasure!

The ageing is perfect, the supple, supple leather (honestly what kind of holy creature died to produce this!?) is lightly pigmented with yellow while a sander has been taken to sections of the shoe to replicate scuff marks that would appear during riding, the sole features that ashy effect you get when rubber is left too long in the box and this is all topped off with a mini-swoosh and three sets of laces.

You can tell this ageing process has come on leaps and bounds since prevoius modes, I’d say some of this is apparent on the Triple S but on also Reebok’s work with Vetements so maybe the treatment has carried over from factory to factory.

So with all the points covered above I’m giving these a solid 9/10 on the Prime Scale. 

Please enjoy the super high resolution photos below and as always leave you thoughts over on IG.