Size? x Nike: “What the Safari”

First of all let’s just take a minute to appreciate that there were no leaks of these shoes until a week before their launch, that’s something unheard of in today’s world where everyone’s bartering the latest information or images for props or social currency so fair play to Size? for keeping this one under wraps.

Now both of these pairs have me extremely excited, they’ve been sat on a wall in the office for months and the first time I clocked, well I knew these would create a fuss, I think it’s the best pack we’ve seen from Nike, let alone Size? in a good amount of time. 

I’ll start with the 95 as I have more affinity for this shoe, I own decent amount in my collection including 4 pairs of Neon’s from various years and I’d really put it up there as my favourite Air Max. I’ve always dug the background, design and mystery behind the shoe, the upper based on human anatomy, the perfect choice of launch colours and that panelled gradient has been taken advantage of by collaborators for special renditions to good effect, on top of this, Japan’s and London’s fascination with the model has always kept it cool and because of this it has well-earned it's place in my rotation. 

The 95 features Nike’s famous Safari print adorning the side panels of the shoe, with grey suede toe box taking charge at the front and the most luxurious leather tongue holding it together underneath the round laces which come black as standard but also include an additional pair of orange laces if you’d like to change it up, this all sits on a black midsole that most “Pin-Roll Sneaker Lads” love to complain about but I’ve always been a fan due to it’s the practicality of being easy to clean and the bonus of not having to repaint the midsole in 5 years time. 


So yeah big shoe, copping two pairs, thanks and love.


Right moving on to the one that’s causing all the noise at this current time, the AIR MAX 1...

Now I’ve never been a massive 87 guy, I’m sure you’ve heard this outbid TJ mouth multiple times I’m not sure why, I don’t massively dislike the model I just have no real attachment to it, when everyone was grabbing the hype pairs I think I must of been focussed on other shoes at the time, probably Air Flow’s if my memory serves. 

I find them a little uncomfortable and chunky (referering to the banana shape of recent years that has now been somewhat rectified), plus the upper is rather simple for my tastes, I know while this is a major selling point for most collecters and I can already hear the cries of outrage going through their minds right now but it’s not a big model for me.

That being said this is the best I’ve seen the 87 look in a very, very long time, I’d compare unbxoing the shoe to akin to my reaction when finding brand new pair of “Hufquakes” - the materials and build are THAT good and I’ll touch on that now. 

The 87 is quite similar to the 95 in terms of build, it’s well put together and beautifully premium but forgoes the suede toe box and the black midsole. I’d say the main difference is the addition of premium orange mesh on the toe box and panels and a silky white mesh tongue, said tongue is finished off with an embroidered leather patch and finally the front is graced by the HOLY GRAIL aka Mini-Swoosh in a matching orange thread. 

Numbers for both shoes are limited, below what I’d consider a QS drop by today’s standards. 

Anyway please take a look at my photos below and if you’ve found them or this article helpful drop a comment/message on IG happy for you to save/use the images to just tag a man init. 

P.S - You can also watch the latest episode of True To Size? for a another look and in-hand review of the shoes and a chance to win the pack, T&C's apply.