Event Recap: Puma x Bobbito Garcia

I thought I’d start off this blog post by letting you know that I’m typing this on a 3 hour train journey back from Manchester sat next to Alex after filming another episode for TTS I can’t talk about the product in this episode yet but it’s been one of my favourites to film and we’ve been getting a lot more streamlined when it comes to our screen presence on top of listening to our viewers, making the right adjustments as we go forward.

Oh and I got to glimpse a selection of forthcoming Nike product for 2019 today and I’ve been completely blown away, I can’t fucking, fucking wait for what’s coming and it’s really made me excited like a little child which is a huge positive after feeling somewhat out of touch with it all these last few months. 

Anyway last Thursday I made the journey up from Guildford for a special Puma event and I just wanted to drop a little recap on that and a few photos.

This year it's the 50th anniversary of the Puma Suede arguably Puma’s most iconic model, for me there is no argument, it carries a huge legacy and I've gone a long time refusing to wear anything else from the brand with the big cat, let’s face it the last few years have been very hit and miss but the Suede is always something I’ve had respect, time and love for and I’m glad to see Puma giving it the year long celebration it deserves. 

The event was hosted in Shoreditch just around the corner from Bird, I got off at Old Street and ran towards the venue, because standard, I was behind schedule. If you’ve been to a few events around the area you’ll know the setup, it’s one of those spaces underneath the overground train-lines sort of like a big brick alcove, inside the place was decked out with banners and displays paying homage to all things Suede and in the middle of the venue were two chairs for the events main focus, an interview with Bobbito Garcia conducted by Livin Proof's DJ Snips.

Now I've been lucky enough to witness Bobbito talk the talk on a few occasions and I'll always say to those who're interested in footwear it's something you've gotta see, the guy is always polite and humble and will take the time to answer any of your questions drawing upon years of experience and a wealth of genuine, no bullshit sneaker knowledge something the industry is severely lacking at the moment, he's also the author of Where'd You Get Those which some say is the big boss of all sneaker books, personally I found it one of the hardest to read as that shit is wrote straight out the mouth and somtimes it's more confusing than Tolkien but eh' it's good read and I'd reccomend for the collection.

The talk wasn't the only reason Bobbito was in the country, he's also launched two Suede's as part of the 50th anniversary, both decked out in premium materials, easy to wear colours and little signiture details on the heel, I wont go too much into these as my pairs haven't arrived yet to give you an honest review and photos but I'll update the article once they do. 

Bar the talk the drinks were flowing, b-boys and girls took to the floor to crack moves and Bobbito himself took to the decks, a good event, classy, old school and enjoyable. 

I'd like to thank Puma for the invite and all that came through to the event, took a few snaps below so please take a look and if I shot you on the night and you'd like any of the photos in ultra, ultra high resolution just drop me a line and I'll email them over.