New Balance: The Return of the 574

This right here is my first post on the blog regarding New Balance, it’s been a long time coming and I’m glad to add a little variety considering how Nike heavy it’s been over the last few months. 

New Balance is a brand that I hold quite an attachment too, when I think NB, utter craftsmanship, luxurious expense, family owned and at first a confusing model numbering system spring to mind. 

I’ve been lucky enough to work closely with the brand over the years, attending various events and media trips and consider the UK team to be a most friendly and endearing group of people who actually have a large love for the brand and you’d be surprised to know that isn’t a common thing in this industry. 

I’ve been wearing NB for a long time but I can only thank or blame my close friend Thomas Lindie for my increased love of all things 'N' and I’d defer to him on all aspects of New Balance, my knowledge on this will only be topline either from personal experience or what I’ve dug up from books so if you’d like to know more about the brand drop him a follow or check out his blog here, another great source of info is Matt Kyte a homie from OZ who truly knows his shit, especially with the 99X or 1500 series. 

So yeah this article focuses on the 574, which if I’m being honest has never been my favourite model but that’s probably because my interest in the brand was flourishing through it’s chunky years where it couldn’t sort it’s toe puff out leaving the already bulbous 574 with a toe box of tank-like proportions. Well, that has now changed and we’re left with a lovely sleek and simple silhouette which has returned in a classic, understated and easy to wear GREY.

To coincide with the relaunch the powers at be at New Balance decided to make March 15th GREY DAY - an event that I can fully get behind and I’m hoping becomes a yearly occurrence, (I mean it’s not like NB are going to run out of Grey shoes anytime soon!) much like Air Max Day and my personal favourite Tracksuit Day from the brand with the three stripes. 

Getting back to the shoes, well it’s the standard NB affair of good materials, strong build quality and subtle colours, the shoe features a mixture of grey, blue and a yellowed heel cap, I’m sure Thomas will batter me and call it the JP colour but I’m writing this at 1 AM so I’ll deal with that wrath when it comes. 

I know NB are going to have a fucking strong year and can’t wait to see what else the brand has to offer, big ups Joe, Tom and the rest of the UK team for the snazzy care package, I'm especially enamoured with the Sneakerfreaker book which I probably should have spent more time researching before writing this article so who knows, maybe there'll be a part two!

You can grab the NB574 "Legacy of Grey" at most good retailers, peace.