Nike Air Max Plus (TN) "Game Royal"

Here we are again, thought I'd squeeze out another post before 2018 as I'm slowly getting back into the flow and it keeps me on my toes.

This one is coming from "Shoot From Home" series as right now the weather is awful and the last thing I want to be doing is starting up the bike to go take photos of shoes in the rain, plus I find it helps with creativity as I'm having to make do with whats around me and that's always a skill that comes in handy when I'm on client work. 

If you didn't know Footlocker hold the license on the TN. They have done for many years and on very, very rare occasions have used it to produce some beautiful pairs, last year there were rumours that Nike had challenged them on this exclusivity and while I don't know the outcome we did see some TN's launch with a wider distribution those being the Satin & Nikelab pairs. 

Recently the TN has developed a cult following in Australia which I'm told by friends over there has a reputation as the trainer of choice for junkies, bogans and other miscreants which adds an air of infamy to the shoe that now sees youngsters jumping back on that "cool" that we all know sells shoes, but hey it's all love for the trainers at the end of the day so the only issue I have is how hard it's become to get hold of any decent colours, thankfully they still sit around here in the UK although I could see 2018 being tipping point and we'll start seeing a lot more flying off the shelves and plastered on Instagram.  

Taking it back to the pair I'm actually meant to be writing this about, well it's a Footlocker Exclusive and came out alongside a similar Red pair, I picked both up for £65 each thanks to a mate who works in one of the stores otherwise it's the standard £135.

I've been calling them the poor-mans version of the "Shark" and "Tiger" but while that sounds like an insult they really are quite nice, I can't fault either colour and that's all I have to say, it's a fully synthetic shoe so not much to talk about when it comes to quality but nothing came to my attention, no massive globs of glue and at £65 you could do a lot worse. 

Take a look at the photos and let me know your thoughts on IG.