size? x Nike Spiridon "Khaki"

Long time since the last update, I'm currently writing quite an in-depth recap of my trip to Iceland that happened in November 2017, that has put my blog posts on hold but today I had some free time after editing these photos so thought I'd do a little write up.

Once every 2 years or so my family stays at Centre Parcs over in Longleat for the week before Christmas, It's a chance for us to unwind and get in that family time as normally we're at each others throats! Anyway if you haven't been to CP it's like a classy Butlins, you stay in your own Chalet for a week inside a forest buy and cook all your own food and partake in activities such as swimming, cycling and rock-climbing.  

Before leaving for my trip a parcel arrived which I've been excited for since being part of the initial content briefings for the launch earlier in the year, this was size?'s latest collaboration (or SMU - not sure on this one, always get confused as the lines are so blurred at the moment) from a long, fruitful partnership with Nike and the silhouette chosen is one of my all time favourites the SPIRIDON. 

Getting down to the shoe, first of all it comes in a double pack. One a Dark Brown almost Mahogany, followed by the second which is done up in Khaki, while both are beautiful the Khaki really stands out as the winner from the pack, to my knowledge this is the first time that suede has been used on the rand of the shoe, this sealed the deal as I'm a sucker for materials but being honest you could do anything to the Spiridon bar making it an Ultra and I'd still buy it. 

You'll also spot the nice return of the metallic swoosh, It's not the iridescent version you'll find on the £140 models but it's close and looks the business, another nice touch is the leather footbed which I hadn't noticed until I got them in-hand. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks to size? for the lovely gift, take a look at the images below and let me know your thoughts by dropping a comment on IG for that solid engagement.